Digital Marketing Growth Strategist

I help you grow your business and succeed online with strategic digital marketing solutions.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

I've helped diverse clients grow their businesses through tested and proven-to-work digital marketing strategies that resulted in significant increases in their brand awareness and engagement. You too will have the same experience when you work with me.

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My skills include:

Content Curation/Creation & Marketing

I craft attractive, compelling, and shareable content tailored to various digital marketing platforms - social media, blog posts, website copies, etc., boosting engagement and brand awareness.

Social Media Community Management

Leveraging analytics tools, I successfully grow and engage social media communities, fostering meaningful connections between brands and their target audiences, and driving loyalty and advocacy.

Strategic Campaigns

I have successfully created, managed, and optimized Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns, consistently delivering ROI and maximizing budget efficiency, achieving targeted reach and measurable results.

Web Design

Proficient in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites with WordPress, ensuring seamless integration of design and functionality, enhancing the user experience, and driving conversions.

I'm Not Alone

I have a team of passionate digital marketers, with more than 6 years in digital marketing industries, and have help more than 240 companies to grow their business.

Collaborative Approach

I thrive in collaborative environments and believe in cross-functional synergy. Having worked closely with different brands across 3 continents, I understand the importance of an integrated approach to digital marketing, delivering seamless and effective strategies that achieve your goals.

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