How To Target Nigerians Who Work Or Live Abroad

How To Target Nigerians Who Work Or Live Abroad

Do you want to know How To Target Nigerians Who Work Or Live Abroad to buy your real estate properties?

As a real estate business owner, let me give you another secret you can use to sell more of your real estate properties using Facebook Ads:

Do you know you can set up your ads and target Nigerians who are living and/or working abroad?

Yes, you can…

Here is the truth, a lot of Nigeria who live or work abroad would like to look for a property they can invest in while they work abroad:

Some will need land to build a house to live in when they relocate to or visit Nigeria…

Some will need land to build houses for their parent…

Some will need a piece of land or location that they can use to start a business…

And so on…

As a real estate business owner, that is why you need to position yourself in front of them…

And with Facebook ads, you can easily achieve this very fast and easily 

How can you do this with Facebook ads? Relax! That is what I’m about to show you in this video

But before that, let me give you an example so you can understand better:

Let’s say you want to target Nigerians who live in Canada so they can buy land to build a house or buy an already-built house, here’s how you can achieve it with Facebook ads:

Select your Location: Canada

Chose Interests: Real estate, home, apartment, new house, residential area, etc

Then, Narrow it further to
Nigerians who live in Canada…

Do you get the gist?

Now, watch the video and discover how you can do that with Facebook ads in this video

How To Target Nigerians Who Work Or Live Abroad To Buy Your Real Estate Properties

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